Authorised Health and Safety Technician

Authorised Health and Safety Services and Technical Health and Safety Services:

  • Planning, development and implementation of Health and Safety processes as a foundation for management of construction processes in accordance to Health and Safety legal regulations.
  • Development, implementation, management, audit and renewal of all Health and Safety documentation.
  • Development and implementation of Health and Safety evidence processes for purpose of documentation, regulation and management of all general and industry specific trainings.
  • Development, implementation and control of a schedule for all legally required Health and Safety activities (inspections, trainings, revisions and testing of all technical equipment, reviewing time table of medical appointments).
  • Control plan implementation, revision and evaluation of a current Health and Safety situation at construction.
  • Participation to a construction accident investigation, completion of records, analysis and reports.
  • Communication with a relevant Civil Service authorities, participation to inspections and audits.
  • Identification and evaluation of risks and hazards, completion of written legal documents outlying all identified risks and hazards performed by employees.